When you think about it, a gaming PC is only half the equation. Is it really worth splashing the big bucks on a monster rig when you’re struggling to rush B on your $5 generic membrane keyboard? Ever tried gaming on a bad mouse before? Yuck. It does not make sense to be so liberal with your cash when buying or building your PC and be so conservative buying your accessories. Even if your PC didn’t cost you an arm and a leg, investing wisely in your accessories is a surefire way to enhance your user experience, improve your technical and in-game skills, and even add to your aesthetic. Take it from a professional writer; ever since I bought myself a decent mechanical keyboard, typing has been a breeze. Take it from a gamer as well; once I bought myself a gaming mouse I’ve literally never considered using my touchpad for games ever again (I was crazy for doing that in the first place).

We’ve got info on all sorts of accessories here, and of all kinds. If you want your mice, headphones, keyboards to be a certain color to match your setup, we got you. We’re not even kidding, we’ve got EXACTLY what you’re looking for. What we want is for the reader to recognize the good they can do by simply capitalizing on some solid accessories for their setup. After a quick go through of the accessories section, we’ll have you convinced.

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