Best Pink Gaming Keyboards - Buyer's Guide 2022

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With the gaming industry expanding day by day, there is a greater need for a variety of colorful themed gaming accessories. A good gaming keyboard should be functional and not just fancy RGB. Only with the best peripherals will you be able to play your A-game and gain bragging rights.

best pink gaming keybaords

There is no doubt that the best gaming keyboards greatly impact your gameplay and make you outscore the competition. Features such as the quicker key actuation, N-Key rollover, and macro creation are very important to play your best game and drastically increase your chances of winning.

Pink keyboards have become all the rage in 2022 due to their unique upbeat aesthetic. After intensive product research and customer reviews, we have compiled a list of the best pink gaming keyboards in 2022.

6 Best Pink Gaming Keyboards

Without further delay, let’s get right into the list of top 6 pink gaming keyboards.

1. MageGee GK710 Wired Backlight Pink Keyboard and Mouse

MageGee Wired Pink Keyboard

The MageGee GK710 Pink Gaming Keyboard is an incredible product to consider buying. MageGee has a reputation for creating quality products at a budget price, and the GK710 is no exception. It is currently being sold as a combo, with a matching pink mouse.

First, let’s look at the pink keyboard itself, with dimensions measuring approximately 18 x 8.5 inches it is relatively larger than other gaming keyboards. This beautiful keyboard offers brilliant performance at a pocket-friendly price.

The wired pink keyboard features 7 bright backlit single color lighting modes that can be tweaked with ease. Moreover, you can also adjust the lighting brightness without a hassle.

The keyboard also features an impressive automatic sleep mechanism that comes into effect when it has not been inactive for more than ten minutes. It has a standard 104 button layout but comes with an additional 10 multimedia keys that can be used to quickly access music controls or email.

The pink gaming mouse that comes alongside the keyboard is a pretty decent peripheral too. The gaming mouse is also backlit and can have 7 different colors with four levels of DPI adjustment.

The range of adjustment spans from 800 DPI to 3000 DPI and can be changed to suit your high-performance gaming needs. Moreover, each DPI level is indicated by a specific colored light.

While customers were impressed by the quality of the MageGee keyboard itself, the color of the mouse tends to fade rather quickly. Apart from this, there have been no other issues reported with the gaming mouse or keyboard.

If you choose to buy the MageGee Pink Gaming Keyboard and Mouse combo you will not be disappointed, high performance and build quality delivered at a pocket-friendly price.

High Quality at a budget-friendly priceMouse color tends to fade
USB Plug & Play
Easily Accessible Backlight Control
DPI Light Indicators

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2. Razer Huntsman Gaming Keyboard

razer huntsman gaming pink keyboard

Razer is renowned for its exceptional build quality and high-performing gaming peripherals. This Razer pink mechanical gaming keyboard comes in a stunning quartz pink color and is built for high-end gamers.

The aluminum top frame on the keyboard makes the pink theme stand out and instantly attracts your attention. Razer is synonymous with durable, high-quality gaming accessories and the Huntsman Gaming Keyboard is no different.

Moreover, the quartz pink color is complemented by Razer Chroma lighting which takes the keyboard ahead of other pink gaming keyboards.

The pink keyboard features a variety of different color modes that illuminate vivid brilliance in your gaming experience. Razer Chroma effortlessly integrates with major game titles and supports over 16 million colors on the individually backlit keys.

It also features dedicated media control buttons that give you instant access to volume and brightness adjustment.

However, our favorite feature of the Huntsman keyboard has to be the new Razer Opto-Mechanical Switch which utilizes optical technology for actuation. With this new technology, the keyboard is super responsive and you can record greater keypresses at phenomenal speeds. Another benefit of Opto-Mechanical switches is that they eliminate switch degradation making your keyboard more durable.

The Razer Huntsman also features the signature Razer Synapse 3 which allows you to set macros, rebind buttons and fully personalize your gameplay experience.

Customers who have bought this gaming keyboard are incredibly proud of their purchase, and we love it too. Sure it is a little pricey, but it is a great investment for your gaming experience.

If there is a pink mechanical keyboard that drastically improves your gaming performance it is the Razer Huntsman, allowing you to play incredibly fast and making it possible to rack up even more wins.

High Quality and DurableExpensive
All new Opto-Mechanical SwitchesKey presses may be too loud
Incredibly fast actuation speed
Razer Synapse 3
2-year warranty

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3. MOTOSPEED Professional Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

MOTOSPEED Pink Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

MOTOSPEED is known for its quality budget-friendly gaming peripherals. This cute mechanical gaming keyboard comes in a beautiful pink color and promises reliable performance.

The MOTOSPEED Gaming Keyboard is rainbow LED-backlit allowing you to personalize the lighting. The keyboard features 14 different LED lighting effects and supports 5 different gaming modes.

This keyboard has a compact ergonomic design and is constructed with a high-quality durable aluminum alloy. It contains 87 keys with individual switches that give you full N-Key rollover and anti-ghosting abilities.

The pink keyboard switches are super-durable and have been tested for 50 million keystrokes. MOTOSPEED has integrated double-shift suspension keycaps to provide phenomenal illumination to your keyboard.

Budget-FriendlyNo numerical keypad
Rainbow Backlit Keys
Super-responsive key switch

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4. MageGee K1 White Gaming Keyboard + Mouse

MageGee K1 White Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo

Another MageGee keyboard makes it to our list due to its reliable performance and pocket-friendly price tag.

The gaming keyboard boasts an impressive shade of pink that makes it instantly grab attention. MageGee has designed it as a practical and ergonomic pink keyboard that makes it a great choice for those long gaming sessions. Curved keycaps offer your fingertips a more comfortable position and greatly reduce hand fatigue.

The K1 gaming keyboard features a 7 color LED Backlit system that illuminates your gaming experience. Moreover, it also has 12 multimedia keys and 19 Anti-Ghosting keys that make your gameplay smoother.

MageGee has incorporated a sturdy metal base into the design to increase its durability. The keycaps are removable and can be cleaned easily. This is a fast-responsive keyboard that will suit your gaming needs well

Currently, this gaming keyboard comes with a pink gaming mouse as well. The wired USB mouse is backlit and has a range of DPI settings that can be toggled easily.

It has 6 adjustable DPI settings that make it possible to adapt to work and play. The mouse also has an ergonomic design that supports your wrist well during extensive gaming sessions.

Both mouse and keyboard are plug & play and compatible with all operating systems.

All in all, the K1 Gaming Keyboard is a decent budget-friendly option that offers reliable and durable performance.

Budget-friendlyChunky Mouse
LED Backlit Keys
Wide range of compatibility
Mouse DPI adjustment

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5. Razer BlackWidow V3 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Razer Quartz Keyboard

It is no surprise that another Razer keyboard has made it to this list. The BlackWidow V3 is another great choice for customers to consider.

This keyboard comes in a cool and classy quartz pink color and with the signature Razer Chroma lighting it brings out a special aesthetic.

Razer Chroma can sync with over 150 video game titles and provides a personalized aesthetic comprising over 16 million colors on individually backlit keys.

The incredible RGB lighting on this pink keyboard makes it exceptionally aesthetic and a sight for sore eyes.

The overall build quality of the keyboard is very appreciable and there is no doubt that it is a high-performing gaming keyboard. This pink keyboard also boasts an ergonomic design that helps prevent wrist and arm fatigue, it features a magnetic wrist rest which adds comfort to your gaming experience.

The highlight feature of the Razer BlackWidow is the signature Razer Mechanical Switch technology, these are available in green, yellow, and orange variants. If you prefer Tactile & Clicky switches then opt for the Green Mechanical Switches.

The green switches provide an actuation force sound of 50 G, which is neither too subtle nor too irritating. The green switches may be a bit inappropriate for an office environment.

We would recommend the yellow Linear & Silent mechanical switches as they’re super smooth and ultra-responsive.

Although the Razer Huntsman Keyboard reviewed above utilizes an Opto-Mechanical Switch system, the Mechanical Switch system is also ideal for high-performance usage.

Another exciting feature in this keyboard is the Doubleshot ABS Keycaps that uses a double shot molding process that stops the key labels from coming off. Extra durability is added through extra-thick walls of the keycaps.

This pink mechanical keyboard also features media control buttons and grooves to route cables easily.

While there is no doubt that this is a phenomenal gaming keyboard, in terms of performance and durability, it is on the pricier side within this list. Another common issue with the BlackWidow V3 is the connectivity issue.

Several users have griped about the difficulties in connecting the Razer BlackWidow to the Razer software that often fails to recognize the connected keyboard.

While it is an inconvenience, on the off chance that you are faced with this issue, just plug in the USB cable again and you will be good to go. A few users have also complained of a malfunctioning volume wheel.

The Razer BlackWidow V3 is an incredible product and can be your ideal choice of a pink gaming keyboard.

High-performance gaming keyboardExpensive
Integrated Razer ChromaMust be connected to a computer using two USB ports
Ergonomic designSoftware connectivity issues
Doubleshot ABS Keycaps
3 choices of mechanical switches
Media control switches

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6. AUKEY Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

AUKEY Pink Mechanical Keyboard

AUKEY has introduced a durable and high-quality pink mechanical keyboard, this keyboard comes packed with customizable RGB backlight and tactile blue switches.

This cute pink gaming keyboard boasts 8 different color options and 18 preset lighting effects for your use, you also have the option to customize your lighting effect.

Mechanical switches play a big role in the performance of gaming keyboards, AUKEY has integrated blue switches that have precise tactile feedback for high-end gaming performance.

The 108-key pink gaming keyboard features an impressive full N-Key Rollover and Anti-Ghosting design that never misses a keystroke. This ultra-responsive feature makes the AUKEY Gaming Keyboard an impressive choice.

Just like the Razer BlackWidow V3 Gaming Keyboard, AUKEY has also integrated ABS Keycaps to improve durability. According to the product guide, the AUKEY Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has a key switch lifespan of 50 million keystrokes, which is on-par with other pink gaming keyboards discussed in this review.

One issue with this keyboard, however, is the AUKEY driver software. The software is not listed on the official Aukey software drivers webpage so you might have to do some digging in case you have issues in configuring the keyboard.

Budget-FriendlyDriver software may be difficult to find
RGB BacklightingClicks may be too loud
Smooth and ‘clicky’ keyboard switches
ABS Keycaps

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Having the right gaming keyboard is very important for an immersive gaming experience. Backlight, design, build-quality, and durability are all crucial factors when deciding on a gaming keyboard, which is why you need to be sure your chosen gaming keyboard is the best possible choice.

If you are looking for the absolute best pink gaming keyboard then we recommend getting the Razer Huntsman Mechanical Keyboard, its opta-mechanical keyboard switches and innovative design make it the best possible choice.

Instead, If you’re looking for a less expensive pink keyboard that can compete with the Razer Huntsman, we recommend opting for the MageGee GK710 Wired Backlit Pink Keyboard.

For high-performing budget options, we recommend getting the AUKEY Mechanical Gaming Keyboard or the Pink MOTOSPEED Professional Gaming Keyboard, these are quality gaming keyboards that won’t dent your bank account.

We hope this well-informed product review on pink gaming keyboards has made your buying process easier and you will be pleased with our recommendations.

Until next time, Peace!

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