Best Gaming PC 2024 for Microsoft flight simulator: Top picks and review

Best Pre-Built Desktops for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Charles Lindbergh, the famous aviation legend once said “Flying is the greatest thrill of them all”; undoubtedly it is, but to make the flight simulation a mind-blowing and thrilling experience, a sturdy, reliable, and updated setup is a must.  As you set yourself for the virtual adventure of aviation, having the best possible hardware is … Read more

6 Best CPUs for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 in 2023

Best CPUs for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is one of the best and most awaited games after Cyberpunk 2077. Not only its super cool features and graphics, but it has shaken the flying community with its great map and details because of its 37,000 real-world airports, live traffic, and up-to-date weather conditions wherever you fly. Since, you’ll require … Read more

X-Plane 12 vs Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

X Plane 12 vs Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Most of you will recognize Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 as the only choice of Flight Simulation software. To some extent, we’d probably agree with you. MSFS 2020 has done wonders for the virtual aviation community. What began as a nerdy pastime now has millions of players around the globe thanks to Flight Sim’s amazing technical … Read more

Top 7 Best Flight Simulators – Side By Side Comparison

Best Flight Simulators

Flight Simulators are adventurous virtual flight systems that have gained much popularity in the past a few years. And, why not they would gain popularity, after all, they are supporting you to have fun in the cockpit of a real plane. Another thing, they have advanced graphics and sound streams that feel like you’re flying … Read more

Best Flight Sticks, Joystick and HOTAS for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020


Casting a spitting image of the globe by use of artificial intelligence and cloud server, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 serves your daily dose of flight like no other title. The recently released SIM has elevated the bars of virtual aviation to newer heights and the difference is crystal clear- realism! For starters, when you are soaring the … Read more

Best Gaming Laptop For Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Best Laptops for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

In 1982, Microsoft released its much-anticipated flight simulator, and the world went berserk. The video game sold 800,000 copies in 5 years and was hailed as ‘the most realistic flight experience outside a plane’. You want to try it out but find your PC inadequate. Four decades down the lane, Microsoft comes up with Microsoft … Read more

Mastering the Google Earth Flight Simulator: A Step-by-Step Guide

How To Use Google Earth Flight Simulator

Google Earth Flight Simulator is a free online flight simulator game developed by Google. It was first introduced in 2008 and has been updated on a regular basis since then and fed with the latest satellite technologies. You can use Google Earth Flight Simulator to simulate real life flights through the use of Google Maps … Read more