Halo Infinite’s iconic Pelican arrives in Microsoft Flight Simulator today

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Fans of Halo Infinite were in for a treat this Sunday as Xbox dropped the trailer of their much-anticipated Microsoft Flight Simulator update featuring the iconic Halo Pelican, helicopters, gliders, and several new airports. Launched as part of the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022, the trailer gives a sneak peek into MSFS’s November update which has been planned as a 40-year celebration of the series. Towards the end of the trailer, fans can catch glimpses of the iconic drop-ship from the Halo Series.

Halo Pelican Comes To Microsoft Flight Simulator

While simmers would have to wait till November for MSFS’s 40th-anniversary edition, anyone anxious to soar the skies with the Halo Pelican can start right away. The sci-fi ship is available as a free add-on for both the owners of MSFS and those playing via GamePass.

Also known as Dropship 77 - Troop Carrier, or the D77-TC, Halo Pelican is the first fictional aircraft to be added to Microsoft Flight Simulator. It is capable of flight in both atmosphere and space and is often used for point insertion of troops and vehicles. Other than that, it can also be used to provide ground support, albeit when equipped properly. Talking of weaponry, the ship’s signature armament is the co-pilot-controlled chin-mounted auto-cannon.

As of now, Microsoft hasn’t clarified how the sci-fi ship fits into the overall Flight Simulator experience, but if the trailer is any indicator, the experience seems promising.

Even more promising is Microsoft’s November lineup. Besides lending support to helicopter and gliders, the 40th Anniversary edition of Microsoft’s revolutionary flight simulator would feature numerous fan-favorite frames from the franchise’s 40-year history. These include, but are not limited to, Wright Flyer, De Havilland Beaver, DC-3, Spirit of St. Louis, and the Airbus A310. You can read about these updates and many more in our dedicated guide for Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th-anniversary edition.

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