inibuilds Confirms The Upcoming Release of A310 in MSFS2020

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While watching the intimidating MSFS 40th anniversary trailer launched on Jun 12, 2022, the iniBuilds logo anxiously appeared. Later on, Microsoft officials announced that they would have a long-term partnership with iniBuilds to bring exciting aircraft.

inibuilds Confirms The Upcoming Release of A310 in MSFS2020

Reminder: In October 2021, Microsoft announced that a version of Flight Simulator for the Airbus A310 would be coming soon. The development has been going well since then, and the anniversary update announcement brings us one step closer to actually playing it with a final date of release.

What’s The Big Deal about Airbus A310?

For those who don’t know, the A310 aircraft is the first of its kind to feature a two-crew glass cockpit. This arrangement makes it easier for pilots to communicate and work together during flight operations, which improves safety for both their passengers and themselves.

Since the A310 is a passenger variant only, there are no cargo holds or anything between the two engines beneath the wings to worry about - that’s also why this aircraft can fly such long distances approx. 10-12 hours without stopping!

iniBuilds A310 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

The A310 for Microsoft Flight Simulator by iniBuilds will be its most fun, playable and realistic aircraft ever. Players will have all the features they would expect, like a detailed cockpit model and a cabin full of seats and overhead bins.

Also, you will be amazed by the high-quality visuals, flying dynamics, and other systems that have been completely rewritten since the original version of X-Plane 11.

The team says, “They are working really hard to bring the model with true-to-life graphics, and they have reported making major adjustments in the engineering and texturing of the Airbus.”

What We Can Expect From inibuilds Airbus A310:

On June 11, 2022, inibuilds announced that in all of the iniBuilds upcoming aircraft, you could expect the complete package; visuals, systems, and sounds. That said, the Airbus 310 will get close inspections before the launch.

Honestly, the team is working hard to make it happen because they’re working with close ties with experts who work with aircraft on a daily basis in order to acquire authentic sound recordings from each area of the real-life flying aircraft.

Inibuilds added, “We’ve even had an expert help us simulate real G-forces through our custom control system, so it feels like you’re really taking off or landing!

You can expect a first-class auditory experience - a design inspired by real product managers and the work that they do. This will be coupled with environmental audio based on a range of conditions that are location-dependent, taking you right into the middle of high-stress decision-making.

The Updated inibuilds Airbus A310 FMS

Inibuilds reported in the official forum that they have updated the FMS (Flight Management System) and how it works as they’ve completely re-tooled this component. Now, it will provide lateral as well as vertical navigation services, including RNAV approaches and overlaying NDB VOR approaches.

What’s The Price of The Package?

We’re delighted to confirm that the A310 from iniBuilds will be released for Microsoft Flight Simulator completely free for previous owners and with an Xbox Game Pass subscription. It will be released as part of the Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary Edition, scheduled to release in November 2022 (delayed from 2021).


That’s it. We hope that the Airbus A310 comes true to our expectations and detain all the hype with the partnership to keep going, so we can enjoy more and more realistic planes.

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