Best CPU Motherboard Combos (Intel & AMD) – Buyer’s Guide

best cpu motherboard combos

Building a PC is a bit like growing up – seemingly impossible, gratifying, and yet a bit overrated! (Why would someone sit through hours of planning and assembling a PC when he could have a thousand times more conveniently bought a pre-built PC?) Nevertheless, at the core of every well-built PC lies a well-balanced CPU Motherboard combo. … Read more

Best Budget-Friendly APUs For Gaming in 2023


No doubt, technology is evolving day-by-day and so is the case with gaming industry. However, every brand is producing expensive products for gaming, but an APU is a component that you can get for under $300 with integrated graphics. Surprisingly, you’ll be able to play almost all AAA titles at 1080p with 45+ and sometimes … Read more

Best Thermal Paste for CPUs and GPUs in 2023


It is absolutely necessary to keep processor temperatures as low as possible. High temperatures could potentially lead to permanent hardware damage, which could set you back a pretty penny. Computers generate a lot of heat and are often accompanied by subpar CPU coolers. With all due respect, that’s the perfect recipe for disaster. This, however, … Read more

Samsung 970 EVO vs 970 EVO Plus vs 970 PRO

Samsung 970 EVO vs EVO Plus vs Pro

If you are a gamer, tech-enthusiast, or looking to build up a working station, Samsung M.2 NVMe SSDs shall serve you well. Not only is Samsung a global, cult-inspiring tech giant, but it also has a significant footing in the domain of Storage Devices. It offers a wide range of SSD devices and is a reputed and … Read more