About Us

Simulator Hardware is your go-to resource for all things Simulation & PC Hardware! You know you need a PC to run your simulations, but you’re not sure where to start. Or do you just want a prebuilt PC, or do you want to take your Simulator shenanigans on the road with a laptop? Maybe, you’re just someone who already has their dream Gaming Rig and you want to compliment your monster setup with some banging peripherals for the game. If you fall into any of those categories, we got your back.

What do we offer?

Simulator Hardware hosts a wide array of guides, reviews, how-tos and general informational content related to simulators and PC Hardware for buyers and enthusiasts alike. We’re of the opinion that anyone looking to jump into this world should be afforded the opportunity to do so. With that being said, our content covers a diverse range of devices related to simulation software, targeting people with an equally diverse set of needs and wants. We’re definitely not trying to throw the most expensive setup at your face, that’s easy and lazy. We’re not trying to highlight industry giants either, if there’s a lesser-known brand that does the job just as well, or even better, it’ll get a recommendation from us too!

How are we different from our competitors?

At our core, we are a team of Computer nerds, aviation geeks, writing enthusiasts and people-persons who wish they had a site like Simulator Hardware when they needed guidance on their PC needs. In other words, we are passionate about and educated on what we write about. Simulator Hardware promises well-researched, unbiased, and gamer friendly content and recommendations. Not naming any names here, but we don’t like it when websites are clearly getting paid to write good reviews for products and don’t go over the downsides at all. That’s not in the customer’s best interest and is downright dishonest. You can be sure that will never happen here. We also offer an incredible amount of detail that no other website is really able to match.

Our Interest in Microsoft Flight Simulator & Virtual Aviation

As human beings, we’re fascinated by what we can’t do. It is what inspired the creation of the airplane in the first place, we couldn’t fly, so we wanted to. To this day, millions upon millions of people share that interest and we’re no different. This site was first started to specifically target MSFS 2020 players. Being a long awaited entry in the most popular flight sim videogame series ever, it was obvious people would like to figure out how to maximize their gameplay experience. So we did that. We’ve written several articles about Flight Sim because a lot of you seemed to want that. With the market being more mature since the game’s release, you’re sure to find the best gear for Flight Sim right here on Simulator Hardware.

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