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  • Guest Posts: We receive hundreds of such emails where agencies and people reach to us and offer guest content. We are really sorry to inform you that we are not accepting any guest posts and don’t have any plans for the future. Our strict policies and content standards don’t allow us to publish guest content on our website.
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The following kinds of concerns are warmly welcomed:

  • Specific question related to any article: We appreciate your questions and try our best to answer most of them. However, it will be best if you write them in comment section of the relevant post. The comments are moderated and replied regularly. You will get a faster reply this way and the opportunity for other visitors to learn from your concerns. Just for the sake of example, the following questions:

    • What PC specs are best for Microsoft Fight Simulator?
    • Will my laptop / computer run this game?
    • I’m thinking about upgrading my computer, will this component work?
  • Suggestions & Improvements: Much appreciated. Please send your valuable concerns, and we will get back to you asap.

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