7 Best Floor Mats For VR Gaming in 2022

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VR Floor mats are an accessory that you probably don’t think you need until you have it. They help in orientation, preventing you from running into the walls, hurting yourself or your family members, or breaking household appliances while playing games on your VR headset. Most VR floor mats also come with anti-fatigue features, enhancing your gaming experience and enabling comfortable sessions of prolonged gaming.

Best Floor Mats for VR

People are often skeptical of the usability of a VR mat, arguing that rugs and built-in headset features get the job done. To be fair, the argument is pretty valid. Rugs give you a reasonable sense of surroundings, and headsets like the Oculus Quest 2 have features like Guardian boundary in place, preventing you from running out of the playing area and into walls. That being said, Quest 2’s grid is an immersion killer and rugs can’t match the level of safety and comfort offered by a VR floor mat. That’s exactly what I found when I purchased my first floor mat. Initially a critic, I will never go back to not having a VR mat. Well, technically I would, as soon as I get my hands on a VR treadmill.

Choosing a VR floor mat is a bother at best and a grind at worst. With hundreds of options at your disposal, you are spoiled for choice. It doesn’t help that most products only differ marginally or that you don’t have much to look for in a VR floor mat. In view of the situation, we have short-listed the best VR floor mats available in the market today intending to make the selection process as painless for you as possible.

The 7 Best VR Floor Mats in 2022

The best VR floor mats enable you to game for hours at length and remain conscious of your position while you are at it. More specifically, they:

  1. are comfortable
  2. allow tactile feedback

For the unversed, tactile feedback with respect to VR can be achieved by textural differences and mechanisms to provide directional awareness such as raised buttons.

Besides these two essential features, we want our floor mats to be harmless, easy to install, and easy to clean.

In view of the above parameters, here is our ranking of the best floor mats for VR.

1. ProxiMat Space Station Theo 35’’

ProxiMat Space Station Theo 35 Inches

ProxiMat’s Space Station is one of the best floor mats for VR. It comes in two sizes, 23’’ and 35’’. While I prefer the larger one, your choice should depend on the size of your room and traveling frequency.

The mat helps you stay in your playing area by using tactile feedback and raised buttons- forward and center face buttons. The two buttons keep you conscious of your position, and alongside tactile feedback, ensure you do not stray too close to guardian system warnings.

Besides ensuring user safety, ProxiMat is incredibly comfortable. Made out of anti-fatigue foam, the mat is just the right amount of thick. Hence, you can go about long sessions of highly realistic and immersive VR gaming without feeling exhausted.

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2. IncStores 7/8 Inch Thick Jumbo Soft Foam Flooring Tiles

IncStores 7/8 Inch Thick Jumbo Soft Foam Flooring Tiles

While not exclusive to VR gaming, IncStores’ interlocking foam tiles are one of the best, if not the best, floor mats for VR activities. They come in two color combinations, black/grey and red/blue, and can also be used for a host of non-VR activities including, but not limited to, wrestling, gymming, gymnastics, and MMA.

Made out of 7/8-inch closed-cell EVA foam rubber, the tiles strike the right balance between soft and sturdy. They are, also, highly shock-absorbent, making them suitable for high-intensity VR gaming and workouts.

While the tiles feature a plethora of likable features, what struck me was the ease of use. For starters, the installation is simple and efficient. Approximately 60 cuts can be installed within 4 hours, and the tiles stick to the floor without glue. Secondly, the foam flooring is water-proof and easy to clean.

It is also worth noting that the tiles are free of lead, formaldehyde, and other harmful substances. Hence, both children and adults can use them without foot covers.

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3. XPACK VR Mat - 35"

XPACK VR Mat - 35 Inches

With its high-density core and thick cushions, XPACK’s 35-inch offering is one of the most comfortable VR floor mats out there. It cushions your feet and reduces fatigue, enabling long periods of gaming. Hence, if you experience joint pains or excessive exhaustion and would still like to get your feet wet in virtual reality, look no further than XPACK’s VR mat.

Besides the aforementioned anti-fatigue features, the mat also offers tactile feedback. With mat’s textures and shapes embossed at the front, you are always aware of your position and direction in the room, preventing you from running into people or objects.

It is also worth mentioning that the mat is just the right amount of sticky. It finds the sweet spot between firmness and cushion, reducing slipping or sliding, making it suitable for use on all types of surfaces.

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4. VR Mat 47" Black Magic Array

VR Mat 47 Inches Black Magic Array

Featuring a Dutch velvet fabric surface and a blended middle fiber layer, FourBar’s VR floor mat is ecstasy for your feet and joints. It cushions your feet, ensuring that even if you experience joint pains or tire easily, you will be able to enjoy prolonged sessions of VR gaming.

With the mat’s tactile feedback, you will be able to gauge your position in the room at all times. In addition to that, the tightly stitched edges make it almost impossible for you to involuntarily stumble off the mat by alerting you every time you stray too close to the boundary. Unfortunately, though, the VR floor mat doesn’t offer any form of directional orientation.

Until now, I haven’t really commented on the aesthetics of the reviewed products. To be fair, none of them deserved a mention with design not being their strongest forte. FourBar’s offering, on the other hand, is drop-dead gorgeous, featuring unique customized designs that will bode well with most types of interiors.

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5. VR Ninjas Virtual Reality Gear Gaming Mat

VR Ninjas Virtual Reality Gear Gaming Mat

VR Ninjas advertises its VR gaming mat as “possibly the most comfortable and supportive play surface in the history of the universe”, and you have no reason to believe otherwise. With its extra-thick foam, the mat supports your joints and relieves pressure off your feet, so you can play your heart out without feeling any fatigue whatsoever.

While the comfort is an undeniably appealing aspect, the mat’s greatest selling point is its tactile feedback. Featuring toe-positioning “Home Keys”, a 1.5’’ warning track across the border and lines and stars for directional orientation, the mat offers spatial awareness like no other. You are aware of your position and direction in the room at all times.

The mat features a micro-textured surface and sticky gel pads, aimed at ensuring the product sticks to any surface and doesn’t slide. Despite the above-mentioned features, the mat is pretty slippery, especially on hard floors. The product comes with a warning hazard, instructing users to wash/wipe the mat’s surface before first use to remove the slipperiness. In my experience, though, the slipperiness persisted despite several washes. I am not the only one either with several users reporting similar issues.

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6. X-Super VR Mat for Oculus Meta Quest 2 – 40’’

X-Super VR Mat for Oculus Meta Quest 2

Featuring a center and a forward button, X-Super VR Mat provides a fool-proof mechanism to stay conscious of your position on the mat. The texture changes are easy to feel, especially if you are barefoot, ensuring you know when you are on the mat and when you have waddled off. This may seem insignificant at first, but it can literally save you from accidentally injuring yourself or breaking up valuable appliances.

Unlike a few other VR mats on the list, X-Super’s VR mat is quite thin. Indeed, coming in at 0.23-inches, the floor mat is one of the thinnest featured on this list. Make no mistake, however, X-Super’s 40-inch offering is both firm and easy on the feet.

It is worth noting that initially, the mat has a few creases due to vacuum packing. They, however, settle in and consequently disappear within a few weeks.

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7. Sponge Neoprene 1/2" Thick X 54" Wide X 1’

Sponge Neoprene

While not a dedicated VR mat, Cleverbrand’s Sponge Neoprene is a decent budget option for VR gaming and workouts. Cast out of high-quality foam and featuring a closed-cell neoprene design, the VR standing mat provides much-needed cushioning for your feet, enabling even longer sessions of play.

Despite only being 0.5-inches thick, Sponge Neoprene is gentle on the feet and insulates sound. It is also resistant to air and moisture, ensuring durability and ease of cleanliness.

A distinctive feature of the mat is the flexibility it offers with regard to the size. Coming in a roll, you can cut the mat in any size you prefer. If you have a large room, though, I would advise against cutting up the mat. Plaster your gaming area with the entire roll and you’d be better off.

It is worth noting that the mat doesn’t provide directional orientation. Cleverbrand’s offering may prevent you from running into walls or hurting your friends, but it doesn’t enable you to know your positioning and direction at all times. A low-cost workaround to the situation is to use a fan. With the fan blowing air at you, you would be aware of the direction you are facing.

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Which of these VR floor mats should I buy?

Most of the above-mentioned VR floor mats are in the $40-$60 range (bearing Sponge Neoprene), so price shouldn’t really be a factor here. That’s if you don’t intend to opt for the budget option. If you do, your decision is pretty straightforward. With only one featured product in the said price range, i.e., Sponge Neoprene, you do not have to go through the hassle of choosing between products.

Coming to the $40-$60 range, you have a handful of pretty similar options. While some offer tactile feedback, others are more comfortable. When you factor in all the parameters mentioned above, ProxiMat’s Space Station Theo 35’’ stands out, with IncStores’ interlocking foam tiles coming in a close second. You can’t go wrong with either of these products.

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