New World Standard vs Deluxe Editions Compared

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Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games, or MMORPGs, have been all the rage for some time now. What started as a very niche hobby soon took the world by storm. As millions upon millions of gamers flocked to the internet to team up against some gruesome looking sprites, the video game industry saw real value in the genre. This was certainly helped by later releases like Runescape and World of Warcraft being massive, worldwide phenomenons. It’s a testament to the genre’s incredible success that Amazon Games’ latest title, “New World” is able to exist at all.

After tending to the issues with the July Beta, it seemed like fans really didn’t get their fill the first time. The game was a smash hit upon it’s release on September the 28th. According to MMO Populations, in less than two weeks of being released, the game’s nearing a hundred thousand Steam reviews, has a total of over 13 million players and a peak of 900 thousand concurrent players. This news certainly got me wanting to check New World out for myself. For the uninformed, the game has two versions to choose from, namely the Standard Edition and the Deluxe Edition. We’re going to be looking at what separates the two versions from each other, and whether the Deluxe Edition upgrade is worth it for you.

What does New World Deluxe Edition come with?

New World Standard Edition Vs. Deluxe Edition

The Standard Edition, of course, comes with all the bells and whistles of the full release. You’ll be able to enjoy all the PvE and PvP shenanigans with battles, crafting and building as you’d expect. Don’t worry, you’re not going to be missing out on any gameplay or graphical elements either. There’s not any story or gameplay DLC out as of yet, so the base game is pretty much just that. But enough about what you get with the Standard Edition of the game, what does your money get you with the Deluxe Edition? As it turns out, Amazon have put together a tidy package with five exclusive bonus items to sweeten the deal. Here’s everything extra that you get with New World Deluxe Edition.

Woodsman Armor Skin

When the developers marketed the deluxe edition coming with five bonus features, they might have been kinda underselling it. There’s not one singular piece that makes up your armor. Rather it is a collection of various armor pieces. The Woodsman Armor Skin comprises of the following:

Woodsman’s Headdress

This headdress is real brutal if you ask us. Sporting the skull of a deer complete with it’s horns, it’s sure to catch the eye of your fellow players and make you stand out from the crowd.

Woodsman’s Coat

The game describes the Woodman’s Coat as “thick enough to keep out the rain”. This is one of those heavy, long, fur coats the likes of which you might have seen in several medieval TV shows. Certainly a looker and fits with the game’s aesthetics.

Woodsman’s Gloves

Light colored, thick leathered gloves that compliment the Woodsman’s Coat incredibly well.

Woodsman’s Trousers

You might not get a full look at the trousers under your big coat, but to its credit, it blends in incredibly well with the outfit and is an obvious choice with the set.

Woodsman’s Shoes

Can’t have your character fight Baines barefoot now can you? These knee length leather boots complete the Woodsman Armor set and will have you take on New World in style.

To apply any of these skins, visit your inventory and press the relevant armor category, and then select “Change Skin”. From there scroll down the list until you find the Woodsman items. It’s that easy.

Woodsman Hatchet Skin

Your hatchet might be one of your trustiest companions on your playthrough. But can you believe how dull the hatchet looks without a skin? Luckily, with the Deluxe Edition, it doesn’t have to be this way. We love the green accents on the blade. They really fit the whole “Woodsman” vibe while also making the axe look enchanted.

Applying the Woodsman Skin to your hatchet is exactly the same process as applying the Woodsman Armor skins. Visit your inventory ASAP for that new drip.

Mastiff House Pet

They say dogs are man’s best friend. If you resonate with that, you’ll be beyond psyched to learn that the Deluxe Edition grants you a Mastiff as a house pet! One thing to note though: your pet is not accessible immediately. Before that, you’ll need to buy a house. You’ll need at least a Level 10 Standing in the Territory to get even the most basic house. But once that’s sorted, you’ll find your good-est boy in your humble abode. Imagine coming home from a dungeon to that!

Rock/Paper/Scissors Emote Set

The classic, timeless game makes its way into New World as a Deluxe Edition exclusive addition. Emotes add some personality to your character and also a hint of comedy. Also, this emote can actually be USEFUL. Playing with a friend and can’t decide who does what? Just whip out this emote together and get through that row. To access the emote, press P and bring up the emote menu and click on Rock/Paper/Scissors. You can also type /rockpaperscissors in the chat box to achieve the same effect.

New World Digital Art Book

The final offering of the Deluxe Edition is the Art Book. To claim the artbook, head over to Steam, right click on New World and select manage. From there, you can browse your local files to find a folder titled “Art Book”, which houses several language variations of the book. The artbook itself is a collection of beautifully designed and rendered art about the game, its world and its characters.

Can I upgrade to New Word Deluxe Edition from Standard?

Unfortunately, as of the time of writing this article, you cannot upgrade to New World: Deluxe Edition from the Standard Edition. Your best bet to avoid spending the full amount on the Deluxe Edition is to contact Steam for a possible refund on your purchase.

Is it Worth Getting the New World Deluxe Edition Upgrade?

Honestly, it depends. We can make a case for both YES and NO.

If you’re the type of player who enjoys their cosmetic items, like how your weapons and armor look, it’s an easy recommendation. We can double down on it because of the fact that right now, these cosmetic items are actually exclusive to people who purchase Deluxe Edition. If that sounds like something up your alley, our answer is a solid yes.

However, it is to be noted that all the changes in the Deluxe Edition are basically entirely cosmetic. They have no effect on how the game plays out, performs or looks. You’re not going to level up faster because you got the Deluxe Edition, and it isn’t going to make the boss fights any easier. If cosmetic changes are not something you’d want to pay actual, real world money for, it’s perhaps best that you skip paying the difference and stick with the Standard Edition.


By now, you know everything that comes with New World: Deluxe Edition compared to the Standard Edition. If you’re into exclusive, cosmetic goodies, the Deluxe Edition is a must buy. If you just wanna play the game without dishing out extra money for skins, emotes and decorations, buy the Standard Edition instead. One things for sure though, Amazon Games have knocked it out of the park with their newest MMO Release. Want to join the action but your PC needs an overhaul? Why not started with our Best Motherboard & CPU Combos list to make sure you can jump right into New World!

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