Best Budget-Friendly APUs For Gaming in 2023


No doubt, technology is evolving day-by-day and so is the case with gaming industry. However, every brand is producing expensive products for gaming, but an APU is a component that you can get for under $300 with integrated graphics. Surprisingly, you’ll be able to play almost all AAA titles at 1080p with 45+ and sometimes … Read more

Best Graphics Cards for Virtual Reality in 2023

Best graphics cards for VR

Virtual Reality (VR) is quite exciting technology that has been smoothly gaining popularity in past a few years. However, enjoying proper experience of VR requires a powerful computer with a graphics card which has capability of rendering high-quality images at high frame rates. High-Performance Graphics Cards are required for smooth functioning Virtual Reality. In this … Read more

Best Gaming Monitor for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Best monitors for microsoft flight simulator 2020

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 has often been described as ‘the best looking game ever‘. Not only does it feature highly detailed mega-realistic scenery, but it also recreates real-time traffic and climatic conditions. With the right controllers, the realism is uncanny and you (sure as hell!) don’t want to miss those cutting-edge graphics. As far as MSFS 2020 is concerned, … Read more

7 Best Floor Mats For VR Gaming in 2023

Best Floor Mats

VR Floor mats are one of the very useful accessories that you probably don’t think you need until you get it. They help in orientation, preventing you from running into the walls, hurting yourself or your family members, or breaking household appliances while playing games on your VR headset. Most VR floor mats also come with … Read more

Best Thermal Paste for CPUs and GPUs in 2023


It is absolutely necessary to keep processor temperatures as low as possible. High temperatures could potentially lead to permanent hardware damage, which could set you back a pretty penny. Computers generate a lot of heat and are often accompanied by subpar CPU coolers. With all due respect, that’s the perfect recipe for disaster. This, however, … Read more

Best VR Headset for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

best vr headsets for microsoft flight simulator 2020

When you are playing ‘the best looking game ever’, sometimes even the best monitors can’t cut it! With Microsoft Flight Simulator creating a digital replica of the globe with integrated real-time weather and traffic systems, all that is left is for you to do is to get into a jet and fly to the Taj Mahal in … Read more