Best Yokes for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 in 2023


While Microsoft Flight Simulator is set about rapidly changing the landscape of virtual aviation, it’s only fitting that you update your set-up accordingly. Update your displays, upgrade your CPUs and GPUs and for an extra dose of realism, buy some Controllers. Just to be clear, it’s perfectly fine to play a flight sim using a … Read more

Best Xbox Controllers, Accessories and Peripherals for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020


Microsoft’s Flight Simulator’s latest installment took the gaming world by storm upon its initial release in 2020. The graphics, and the consequent realism stunned masses, with some even describing the AAA title as the “best looking game ever”. A year later, the game is available on Microsoft’s latest Xbox consoles (series X and S) via … Read more

Best Pre-Built Computer for VR Gaming in 2023


Virtual Reality is taking over, and its meteoric rise is hardly a surprise. The technology provides users a gateway to an artificially-simulated environment that, unlike displays, tailors to users’ sense of vision, hearing, touch, and even smell. Users are able to interact with 3D worlds, providing for highly immersive and interactive experiences. All this, however, … Read more

How to Build a Home Flight Simulator Cockpit in 2023


The release of Microsoft Flight Simulator in 2020 and the events coinciding with it sent the world into a frenzy. Simmers set about upgrading their PCs and building home flight simulators to fully enjoy the beautiful yet punishing reboot of the Flight Simulator series. Hardware sales rocketed up, so much so that Jon Peddie Research (JPR) … Read more

Best PC Build for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 in 2023

Best PC Build for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 in 2023

With its mega-realistic scenery and controls, Microsoft Flight Simulator took the gaming world by storm upon its initial release in 2020. Since then, the rage has refused to die down. While awe-inspiring realism shoulders the majority of the blame for that one, the pandemic has helped too. With people being restricted to their homes, Microsoft … Read more

FSLTL Live Traffic is finally released for MSFS 2020

FSLTL Live Traffic is finally released for MSFS 2020

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 has been smashing all sales records for its genre since it came out. Its acclaim is absolutely well deserved too. There is simply no other title that does it like MSFS 2020 with its unmatched realism, incredible visuals and genuinely entertaining gameplay. But gamers and flight sim enthusiasts are always looking … Read more

Best Throttle Quadrant for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020


It is no secret that with its other-worldly graphics and realism, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 has revolutionized flight simulating and gaming, in general, forever. We are a year into the release, and the craze refuses to die down. Other than the obviously immaculate graphics and life-like controls, one factor that has worked in the game’s … Read more

What the Nvidia RTX 40 means for Microsoft Flight Simulator


On Tuesday, September the 20th, NVIDIA announced the latest in greatest in their line of GPUs with the RTX 40 series Graphics Cards. They promise tremendous upgrades in performance and various enhancements to newer tech in ray tracing, for example. According to some of their claims, the 4090 should be twice as fast without ray … Read more

History of Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator History

Set to celebrate its 40th anniversary in November 2022, Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the longest-running video game series of all time. In these 4 decades, it has gone from black-and-white wireframe graphics on 6 by 6 tiles to the cloud-powered ultra-immersive graphical marvel that it is today. In this article, we take a trip down … Read more