Best Black Friday Gaming PC Deals 2022

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The Holiday Season is finally here! Who doesn’t enjoy all the festivities, get-togethers and dinner parties that accompany fall and winter? It’s a time to be appreciative for everything good in your life. Here at SimulatorHardware, we’re especially thankful for the egregious amounts of deals we can score this time of year. Black Friday hauls along with it so many price cuts, it will 100% bring out the shopaholic within you. Forbes reported that online consumers spent a record $9 BILLION on Black Friday last year, and over $14 Billion total including Thanksgiving sales. From furniture to 8K OLED TVs, basically anything that costs money, now simply costs less money. Naturally, that also includes Gaming PCs. And it’s finally here! Black Friday has come for you, your Gaming PC ambitions and your wallet.

best black friday gaming pc deals 2022

6 Best Gaming PCs on Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2022

While you were busy with the Turkey in the oven, we were hard. Here’s a list of Gaming PCs you would definitely love picking up on Black Friday 2022.

1. CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PC

cyberpowerpc gamer xtreme black friday

One of Black Friday’s smash hits last year, you’ll find the CyberpowerPC to be a tried and true option for all your gaming needs. Sporting a 10th Gen Intel Processor along with a GTX 1660Ti and 500 Gigs of SSD Storage, you’ll be able to play a lot of games on this one.

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2. Skytech Shiva Gaming PC Desktop

skytech shilwa pc black friday deal

This is definitely a more higher end option than the CyberpowerPC, and with Black Friday PC sales it’s going to be more affordable than usual. You can choose between a variety of specs, including either an RTX 20 series or 30 series card. All loadouts also come with AMD Ryzen 5 or 7 processors to help you game better. Also, have we mentioned that this machine is a total looker?

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3. Alienware Aurora R12

Alienware Aurora R12 Gaming Desktop Black Friday

Alienware went full out with sales last year. And they are extending the tradition this year. The Aurora is a fantastic option for anyone looking to not cut any corners with their gaming ambitions. It kinda looks like something out of space, and it’s powered like a spaceship too. Usually, these go for a lot. But since it’s Black Friday, you could save good money on Alienware PCs.

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4. OMEN 30L Gaming Desktop PC

HP Omen 30L Desktop Deal on Black Friday

OMEN is HP’s flagship gaming lineup. HP goes hard with Black Friday sales. I actually picked up my own computer from an HP Black Friday sale, so here’s a little personal testament to HP’s reliability during sale season. Speaking of going hard, this PC goes HARD. Rocking a Core i9 and an RTX 3080, is there anything you won’t be able to max out with this monster rig? Probably not. Definitely worth your consideration.

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5. Intel NUC 9 Extreme Kit

intel nuc 9 extreme kit black friday pc

The best thing about the NUC is how compact it is, without a doubt. It’s not like it compromises on power either. By default, it rocks a pretty stellar spec sheet, with the option to place full sized, dedicated GPUs in it as well. And of all this in something small enough to fit in your bag pack. Ridiculous how far we’ve come technologically.

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6. Dell XPS 8940 Gaming Desktop

Dell XPS 8940 Black Friday Gaming Desktop

Dell is actually Alienware’s parent company. So, if Alienware can be that giving every holiday season, why wouldn’t Dell? The XPS 8940 is an easy recommendation for anyone looking for a stealthy, beast of a Gaming PC.

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7. ROG Strix GL10DH Gaming Desktop PC

ROG Strix GL10DH Gaming Desktop PC

ASUS with their ROG lineup of flagship gaming hardware have become modern day PC gaming legends. This Black Friday, their Strix Gaming Desktop promises all of ASUS’s best at a more reachable price point. Packing 16GBs of RAM, and some ridiculously attractive RGB lighting if you’re into that (We definitely are). You’ll find this to be a solid Ryzen entry too, sporting a Ryzen 7 3700x. Its also made this affordable thanks to the cheaper, yet capable GTX 1660 Ti Graphics Card that comes with it.

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8. HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop

HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop

First of all, you can instantly tell this is the older sibling of the incredibly popular HP Pavilion Gaming Laptops with it’s signature design elements. An all around dark body with gamer green accents is reminiscent of everything you’ve grown to love in HP’s gaming offerings. It comes in at just a little over a foot tall, boasting great ventilation to top. It’s a solid mid range Gaming Desktop option for anyone looking to get their gaming fix. The GTX 1650 Ti and fast M.2 SSD storage will have you load into the latest games in no time.

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When will Black Friday Gaming PC Deals Start in 2022?

Mark your calendars, cause Black Friday falls on the 25th of November this year. That’s when you’ll find most Black Friday sales for Gaming PCs (or other Gaming PC related peripherals) available. But that doesn’t mean you can’t score on some Black Friday deals a little early. Back in 2020, Amazon officially went full steam with website wide Black Friday sales on the 20th of November. Keep in mind this was a full week ahead of Black Friday 2020, which fell on November the 27th. So, if last year is any indicator about what’s supposed to happen this year, be on the lookout to grab a Gaming PC a few days before Black Friday 2022 starts. Remember that stocks are limited, and demand for this stuff is exceptionally high given the savings, so it’s always a wise decision to line up ASAP!

Should You Wait Until Black Friday to Pick Up a Gaming PC?

Of course, you should! It’s only a few more days until the deals really start to roll out, so our answer, naturally is a RESOUNDING yes. Couple the close proximity to Black Friday with the silicon shortage and the ridiculous amounts of scalping going around, and you got yourself a real winner. This may be your best chance to save some money on even the standard going rate for these Gaming PCs for a while.

How to Make Sure You Scout the Perfect Gaming PC Deals on Black Friday 2022

While it’s true that Black Friday is in all likelihood be one of your best chances to grab a Gaming PC for a good price, is it as easy as one two three? Maybe not this year. Like we’ve said already, it’s not exactly the easiest time to be a buyer in the market. But of course, that does NOT mean you can’t score a nice deal, not by a long shot. However, if you’ve planned ahead, you’ll be ok. Newly available stocks are offset by an exceptional amount of people seeking the same products. There are a few tricks to pocketing your dream Gaming PC during the sales.

Take a Look at Last Year’s Black Friday Gaming PC Deals

Since Black Friday is finally here, quickly use the tools at your disposal to filter some PCs out in advance. This is easily the most surefire way to get a jump start on the thousands of eager shoppers online.

Know Exactly What You Want in a Gaming PC

You should have a clear idea of what you’re looking for. This is definitely with regards to a Gaming PC’s specifications, but also its price. If you know how much you can spend, that helps filter out a lot of noise in excess advertisements and helps you narrow down your choices. Once that’s out of the way, you can further select a PC that best suits your needs with the spec sheet that looks best to you. You may have to make certain compromises to hit that sweet spot in the price department, but Black Friday makes them all the more achievable.

Weigh Your Options in Case of Stocks Running Low

Do not get your heart set on a singular Gaming PC. Instead, take the time to list down several of them. You can jot everything down based on personal preferences, of course. A contingency plan is important should your first choice Gaming PC be unavailable. Backups come useful cause stocks don’t necessarily last. Know what to jump on next if that does happen.

Queue Up Early to The Black Friday Sale

You’re not physically going to be standing in line during an online Black Friday sale, but time is still of the essence. Shopping online means there’s potentially millions of customers for a few thousand items all at once. Yes, the sales last several days, but the products might not. The early bird gets the worm here too, be sure to add your Gaming PC to the cart the very second the sale goes live.

If you do all of the aforementioned, you probably won’t need to be praying for a miracle to get your stuff. We think being well prepared is imperative to scoring a good deal during Black Friday Sales. This is especially true as of late owing to complications with the COVID-19 Pandemic. Thankfully, recent vaccination efforts around the globe should serve to lessen website traffic this year compared to the last.

What if I missed the Gaming PC Black Friday Sales?

Sales like Black Friday sales only really come around once a year. The Gaming PC market is in a tight spot these days. It would probably be very upsetting to miss those given how infrequently they pop up. But is Black Friday your last chance to score some good Gaming PC Deals? NO! Cyber Monday is just around the corner too! Falling on the 29th of November this year, Cyber Monday is just like Black Friday when it comes to hot sales and restocking. But unlike Black Friday, there is a particular emphasis on tech goodies. Which is great for all you PC Gamers out there! It means you have ONE MORE CHANCE to claim your dream Gaming Rig for potentially a little bit less than you would for the rest of the year. And once you’ve got that, why not pair it up with a monitor? Here’s The Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Monitor Deals for 2022 you should definitely check out too.

What to Look for in Gaming PCs During Cyber Week

Specifications are pretty important. After all, it would be ideal to run the newest games, like the popular MMO New World, on your fancy new rig. Or maybe you want something with a loadout similar to these so you can play the hottest (and arguably most demanding) title in Microsoft Flight Simulator. With the sudden burst of sales coming your way, it can be difficult to keep sight of what makes a good Gaming PC. The last thing you’d want in the Black Friday sales fiasco is to unintentionally buy something that’s underpowered, or essentially a bad deal. Don’t worry though, we’ve got a little guide that’ll send you on your way to getting a PC that’ll do right by you.

PCs by GPU

GTX Series Gaming PCs

The GTX Series of cards may be a teensy bit dated given the performance numbers of novel entries in the GPU markets as of late. But does that make them bad graphics cards? Not at all. The best GTX Cards still deliver very respectable visuals, decent performance and support for the vast majority of games coming out today. Best thing about going with a GTX Build? It’ll be easier to get and definitely cheaper than the RTX Options.

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RTX Series Gaming PCs

For what will indubitably have you dish out some extra dollars, the end result is still a superior product. The RTX Series span the 20 and 30 prefix graphics cards pioneered by NVIDIA. The 20 series, while being a little older, inherently less advanced and not as powerful as their 30 series counterparts, are still phenomenal cards to have in your Gaming Rig. The 30 series cards are obviously THE cards to get for any Gaming PC enthusiast with a little more money to spend. Packing a serious punch with performance, they’d seem the obvious choice. But the thing is, these will probably be gone the fastest. Be sure to camp out early to get a hand on 30 series builds.

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Make no mistake, Black Friday will bring tons of RTX builds to the surface. These will handle older games and newer games no sweat. What’s also cool is that PCs equipped with RTX cards also support novel ray tracing technologies that you won’t get with any GTX variant PC. Oh, and have we mentioned these cards are perfect for VR? Grab a headset and plug it in with confidence cause you’re in for a good time.

PCs by CPU

Intel Builds

Intel’s been on top of the Gaming PC scene for so long. If your Gaming PC option sports a recent gen Intel i5, i7 or i9 Desktop Processor, you best believe it’s going to go the distance. A good CPU is imperative to any decent Gaming PC Build, and with Intel loadouts you can’t really go wrong. The cherry on top is that Intel PCs are by far the most frequently discounted on Black Friday sales, so you’re basically guaranteed to be able to pick one up.

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Ryzen Builds

While Intel might dominate the market, AMD are their closest competitors. And for good reason too. Gaming Enthusiasts have trusted AMD Chips to power their battle stations for nearly as long as the modern PC Gaming scene has been a thing. This trust has increased tenfold with AMDs new lineup of Ryzen Chips. They’ve been touted as extremely reliable alternatives to Intel chips. Not only do they offer incredible performance to boot, but they’re also generally better value compared to Intel chips. All Ryzen Chips are great for multithreading and multitasking purposes, arguably a lot better than the average Intel processor. We’re huge fans of Ryzen Builds at Simulator Hardware. They offer better value than Intel and in many cases are better suited for gaming. It is for that reason we will wholeheartedly recommend Ryzen Builds to scout for Black Friday deals in 2022.

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There you have it. That’s the ultimate prelude to shopping for Gaming PCs for Black Friday. Be sure to scout ahead of time and decide on several viable Gaming PC options before you pull the trigger on one. Do not get frustrated if your first choice is quickly swooped up by the internet vultures. You’ll find that there’s a lot of PCs with similar (or practically the exact same) specifications as the PC you wanted most. Like we’ve shown with Skytech and CyberpowerPC, they don’t necessarily even have to be from the big dogs of the Gaming world to mean business. We hope this article helps you land your dream Gaming Rig on Black Friday with cash to spare. The deals are live, move fast!

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